mgmt 425: Week 3 – Canvas Assignment #2 – Memo Writing

After your final presentation to Bonnie B’s Peppers, you’ll be writing a business memo addressed to them that summarizes your recommended strategies to improve their business. This assignment is get you familiar with business memo writing before we begin our final business memo for this class. Instructions: 1. Read through the 2 articles on How to Write Business Memos in this Module (one is from Grammarly and one is from Indeed). 2. Read the sample business memo I put together in this module. Note: I included a link to sample memo templates you can find online using Word. 3. Read through the following 3 poorly-written memos: Poor Memos.pdf 4. Explain in a document (using approximately 300-400 minimum words total) why each memo is poorly written. There are many things wrong with each one so write down anything you can think of and explain your rationale.

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