Math & the Arts.

Please make sure it has everything on the rubric. Thank you!

Using the objectives defined by the rubric, reflect on Chapter 8 “Puzzles of the Mind and Soul: Mathematics & the Arts” of the textbook Arts Integration by Merryl Goldberg and the workshop you experienced last week, “Blueprint for a Landscape” (which I originally designed for and taught to 1st graders).

Remember to discuss how the workshop would take place in an elementary school classroom by referring to the lesson plan and my video.

Also discuss the following questions:

  • How can the arts be used to help students explore and more deeply understand mathematical concepts? (Remember that simply illustrating concepts with visual symbols does not use the arts for enhancement, it is merely diagramming.)
  • How can the arts help make math seem more accessible for students? 
  • How will you integrate the arts (any of the 5 disciplines) in your future teaching to enhance Math learning?
  • What terminology can be used in both disciplines to facilitate and/or change our views of how we see math and how we see the arts? (relate it to the text, the warm up and main activity) 

**A successful paper will use at least 6-8 examples from the assigned texts to support the author’s analysis (At least 3 must be from Merryl Goldberg’s book). You may also reference any of the other content in this module and the previous one, including my videos, the “Math Dance” video and text by the “The Dr. Shaffer & Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble”, and the Art21 interview and video on Sarah Sze’s Blueprint for a Landscape.**

Works to use as in text citations: 

  1. Lesson plan by Professor Victoria Febrer (has to include the warm up as well as connections from the citationsto how the main activity was beneficial) 
  2. Math Dance with Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern pdf 
  3. Merryl Goldberg Chapter 8
  4. Youtube Video – Math Dance 
  5. Connect my drawing “Math & the Arts Activity” to the text as well as the lesson plan 
  6. article “blueprint for a landscape” as well as the 5 min video about her 

Blueprint for a landscape

Youtube – Math dance: Erik Stern and Karl Schaffer at TEDxManhattanBeachMath dance: Erik Stern and Karl Schaffer at TEDxManhattanBeach

My professor’s instructional video on things to make sure are added

Part 1 regarding the lesson plan –

Part 2 regarding what to add on the paper itself – 

A classmate’s reflection on my work: 

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