math assignment


Make sure your responses are in complete sentences and have been proofread before submitting. 

For this week’s discussion think about a business that you have always wanted to run.

1. Explain in detail your dream business. What is the name of your business? What would you sell? Where is your business located? What is your role in your business? Do you have any employees? If so, what are their job titles and their responsibilities? What other businesses would be considered your competition? Who will your customers be? How will people know about your business?

2. Select one product your business will be selling. List all the items you would need to buy in order sell this product. Using the list you created, conduct research on how much money each item on your list costs. (Make sure to include the cost of each item in your discussion response.) Determine how much this one product will cost you to make.

 3.Determine what some of your fixed costs will be for your business. (Fixed costs are constant costs a business pays regardless of how much it produces.) Write an equation for your costs.

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