Marriage counseling paper

This assignment is the completion of the Research Paper: Final Draft Assignment. Using the
graded Research Paper: Outline Assignment, you will write a 5–6-page paper addressing your
subject from the Research Paper: Outline Assignment. The subject of your paper will be an
issue a couple might bring to a marriage coach. You will provide research on topics related to
this issue. You will also provide a coaching connection that shows understanding of coaching
practices. This paper will help you to use research to develop an understanding of issues that
impact a couple in crisis. You will also demonstrate how to create effective goals for the couple
by understanding the process of coaching couples by working together towards outcomes.
This assignment will enable you to explore an area of interest in the field of marriage coaching in
an in-depth manner and provide you with practice expressing his/her content knowledge in
A Research Paper: Outline Template is provided to help you navigate through the format and
layout of this assignment.
 Use your graded Research Paper: Outline Assignment as a starting point for the final
− A Title page, body page(s), and Reference page are required. Do not include an Abstract.
− The body of the paper will be 5-6 pages in length (not including the title page or
reference page).
o The body of the paper will include an introduction paragraph, main topic A
section with 2-3 subtopics, main topic B section with 2-3 subtopics, a coaching
connection, Biblical integration, and conclusion.
o The Introduction clearly introduces the subject and topics in one paragraph.
o The body of the paper discusses at least three key sections for each main topic.
o Coaching Connection clearly connects the research to coaching practices.
o Biblical Integration clearly incorporates the topic into a biblical perspective.
o The Conclusion should end the paper in concise and formal writing.
− The paper must include at least 6 relevant, empirical, peer-reviewed research sources
(written no earlier than 2005), in addition to the course textbooks, and The Holy Bible.
These will be listed in alphabetical order on the reference page.
− Please limit the use of direct quotes in this assignment. Summarize or paraphrase your
research in support of your ideas. Make sure to include current APA formatted citations
where necessary.
− This formatting of this assignment must strictly adhere to current APA style.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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