Marketing Plan

• Executive Summary • CSR Initiatives• AppendixThis all has to do with the company system 4 and the previous assignments you’ve done for me. This is essentially the “final” for the semester.Professor comments:Marketing Strategy doc: Your strategy on social media needs more work. What do you mean? What are they missing? What type of content should they post? Are there platforms they’re not on? Any collaborations with other companies? A Strategy is putting ideas into action. Answer these and revise the SWOT to be focused on the strategy.Week 5 doc ( Marketing Research): You’re on the right track. Add any citations that can help with this argument.assignment 4 doc (Channels of Distribution): Good foundation. Where do you buy your products from? Are there preferred vendors? You need to dive in more as to how not just what they do. Let me know if you have any questions, and we can discuss them.Positioning Statment + picture docs: In the final, put everything in one document. You’re missing the matrix. The map is of the competitors, not your customers. Perhaps take a look at the resources again and the book. Create the proper graphs and write about those in the paragraph. (If you can create the proper graphs I will tip you on the asigment. Joseph UhlDec 5, 07:49Companines website for reference:

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