Marketing Plan

This course is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the key marketing concepts as a means to enhance marketing strategies of any organization. As such, the end goal of this course is for you to be able to apply key principles of marketing in a real-world environment. The group project will enable you to do just that. Each group will choose a real company or a division of Taylor University (this can include a student group) for whom to create a marketing plan. It is important that you be intimately familiar with the organization, or have access to someone who is, in order to properly execute this assignment. This will enable you to exercise the strategic planning process, analyze the marketing environment, and recommend a marketing strategy (identify target market(s) and develop the four P’s). In essence, the group will emulate the marketing plan as outlined in the Appendix of the text. The final deliverable will be a written marketing plan and a group presentation. Because of the distance between us, you will not be required to meet with your chosen company/department, but you are encouraged to do so. The more real your experience, the better the education you will receive. If you have questions about pursuing a meeting with your preferred entity, email your instructor. Written Plan: Your marketing plan will be written in three iterations, with feedback from your professor between each submission. You will create a portion of a professional plan (company description through marketing mix). See the attached outline and plan example. Your team will complete items I-V from the example plan that starts on page 7. Include your names on all drafts. Remember, for this assignment we are pretending your team are the marketing consultants for your chosen organization. You are not writing a report on what the company actually does, you are writing a plan for what your marketing team will do for the company.

Company description, business mission, and industry (environmental) analysis.

The company chossen is Under Armour.


Examples attached.

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