Marfan syndrome

Details for Research Paper:

Write a report in APA format using at least three primary research articles as support

Your written project should be at least 850-1200 words, 5 pages long, double spaced, Times 

New Roman, Size 12 and have at least three references cited. See more details below.

Common sense should be used for report formatting and citation

Included IMRaD headers

Abstract (paper summary)

Introduction (background of the disease)

Discussion (body of paper)

Why did you choose this particular disease?

What are the signs and symptoms of the disease in the:

Cellular level

Tissue level

Organismal level

Treatments / cure

Conclusion (wrapping up the paper)

What further research should be done

References (on a separate page)

APA format

Tables & Figures (on a separate page)

Must be cited and referred in text

Submitted to Canvas by the due date (see syllabus)

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