Managing change

his assignment requires you to use the case study provided on the module webpage: Ghazzawi, (2009). Mount Cedar Technologies INC: A Case study in Designing a High-Performance Organization. 15 (5) 81-93 ♣ Critically analyse and apply one of the change management diagnostic models covered in this module to the case study, using it to identify the core issues/problems. (1,000 words)♣ Develop an ethical change management plan for implementing change in the case study. (1,500 words) ♣ Your plan must include but is not limited to: ♣ Rationale for the Change♣ Change Objectives and Principles♣ Intervention(s)♣ Required Resources♣ Evaluationi would like you to go through the case study first and then write the assignment according to that. the structure for the assignment has been given below. pls follow the marking rubric to be  aware of how to implement studying the case study in the coursework. 

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