M7 Discussion

Question: Review the levels of Bandit here: https://overthewire.org/wargames/bandit/. Using the tools you utilized to complete the levels of Bandit (and other online tools) create a simple challenge based on the (15-33) levels of Bandit. Like last week, you will want to host this challenge in the box you’ve created. Be sure to post the SSH command that your classmates can utilize to access your machine. You will have until Thursday evening at 11:59 PM EST/EDT to post your challenge. Next, you will post the flag solution you posted last week. Simply reply to the challenge post you authored last week with the solution. For this week, each of you will be required to post the flag solution by Thursday evening at 11:59 PM EST/EDT. You should have three posts by Sunday 11:59 EST/EDT: (1) your new challenge you created based on the 15-33 levels in Bandit, (2) you attempting to solve a fellow’s classmate challenge, and (3) a final reply of the solution of your challenge to classmates who have attempted your challenge. 

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