M2 Purpose Statement, Proposed Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Variables or Case Delineation Discussion

DIRECTIONS:  Please use current APA formatting and write as if this is your project (first person). Also, please list references in alphabetical order. Thank you!Assignment: In 500 words address the following in narrative form, using transitions appropriately:(1) state the purpose of your study in one or two sentences,(2) describe what existing published research your study is directly based on,(3) describe how your study builds on this existing published research,(4) explain how your study will contribute to health professions education research and practice,(5) list your research questions and hypotheses,(6) if your study is quantitative, indicate for each variable whether it is an independent or dependent variable,(7) if your study is qualitative, describe the case features on which data collection and analysis will focus.Attached, please find my completed Literature Search of the proposal guide (Figure 2.2) in the Applying Educational Research textbook (the two pages are attached) and my proposal research idea to help guide you in completing the above given assignment. Note: I literally just finished my Literature Search assignment after submitting my proposal research idea.Gall, M. D., Gall, J. P., & Borg, W. R. (2015). Applying educational research: How to read, do, and use research to solve problems of practice. Pages 45-52. Pearson. Also, please use as many references as needed. I only put the number above to choose one. Thanks and if you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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