Love, Identity, and Authenticity in Romantic Relationships

Choose 2 or 3 of the following authors (Solomon, Beauvoir “The Woman in Love,” Kollontai, Eribon, Dembroff, Enns, Nyholm). The essay has two components: The 2 authors and their sources I chose were: 1. “The woman in love” by Beauvoir2. Loves Limits by Enns ONLY use those two authors1) describe your own philosophical concept of love by drawing on and explaining the authors we studied (see list above). You may also provide a critique of one of the authors. 2) explain the relationship between love and personal identity. Your essay should address the following questions: According to the authors you have chosen, What is love? What role do our romantic relationships play in the formation and transformation of our own identities? (e.g., Do we become ourselves in our relationships? Or, do romantic relationships lack a significant impact on our identities?) Your paper must include a concise introduction with a thesis statement, quotations from the text, and proper citations. Please do not use outside sources. You will be evaluated based on 1) your ability to put forward and back up an argument and 2) your detailed explanation of the author’s views.

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