Logical Flow Model


Following is the question which needs to be attempted without any headings, bullet points. Please write answer in continuity. Do give real-world examples and references. I am attaching my class notes and a guidebook topic that can help you. Please do proper paragraphing and link the answer to the question properly. A good conclusion is also required.  

Q) Briefly describe the Logical Flow Model (LFM) of consumer decision making and critically apply it to the consumer decision making that could apply in two sectors – a product purchase, and a service purchase. In your answer, refer to examples including those from your own experience. Your answer should highlight both strengths and weaknesses of the LFM.

Kindly Use simple in-text references to credit ideas to book and article authors, or, for the occasional short quotation, such as for a definition. The generic format for in-text references is as follows:

  • Author (year):
    Porter (1979) suggests that the competition to a business may be analysed by means of five forces.
  • or
  • (Author, year):
    There are five forces which affect the competitive capability of a business (Porter, 1979).

A bibliography/reference list is not required.

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