Literature Review Paper #2 | Annotated bibliography

Since the topic submission, you have read 10 or more papers of your choice. In this assignment, you are going to submit the annotated bibliography of 10 or more papers. This annotated bibliography will be the source of your final LR Paper.


In this assignment, students are required to submit the annotated bibliography of ten or more scholarly resources (journal papers). Each annotated bibliography should include the following:

1. Full bibliographical information, APA style 

2. Students’ own summary (150 to 200 words) of the scholarly resources 

a. Main research question & hypotheses

b. Sampling, measurement, & research design (not too wordy; be brief)

c. Main findings & limitations

3. Keywords/phrases that will be relevant to students’ literature review 

a. Free format; single word, phrases, or even sentences are fine as long as they are relevant to students’ literature review.

4. Topic outline of the final LR Paper

a. Create the “headings” of the final LR Paper, using the keywords/phrases in #3 as a source.

Students can use numbering in the annotated bibliography. See the example below.

I will attach the LR Paper #2 document which has an example of what the assignment should look like. 

I will also attach LR Paper #1 which shows what my topic is and the references which are peer reviewed journals. PLEASE look at LR Paper #1 attachment and go down to the resources citations and use those same references to complete this assignment.

This is just the Criteria that my professor will look at when grading LR Paper #2

1. Ten or more scholarly resources Each citation should have correct APA format.

2. Summary of scholarly resources Students’ own summary of the each source with about 150 to 200 words or so

3. Keywords/phrases from each source Students’ own choice of keywords/phrases which are relevant to their literature review

4. Outline of the final LR PaperProvide the outline of final LR Paper, using the heading system.

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