Literature review and annotated bibliography


Identify, review and evaluate 6 peer-reviewed journal articles from the Information Security domain of your interest (think of your potential Masters Thesis area/domain). 

Create an APA annotated bibliography for each of the articles into the following format:

MISI Annotated Bibliography – (lvl 1 heading)

Level 2 headings in bold below

Article Title

Topic- What is the Topic and why did this interest you?

Problem- What is the Research Problem the authors purport?

Background – Justification for the research that the authors purport?

Research Methodology – used by authors, why did they choose those?

Research Design – used by authors, why did they choose those?

Purpose of Study – cited by authors

Main Research Question (RQ)- What is the main RQ purported by authors?

Supportive RQ(s) – additional RQ questions purported by authors.

Instruments, Sample Size – what tools, techniques, and sample size did they use; why and how did authors measure?

Results Obtained, what are the contribution(s) to the Body of Knowledge (BoK)?

Further Study – what are the avenues or idea for future research and recommendations?

References (lvl 1) 

Single spaced with double spacing between

As a recommendation or strong suggestion – one may want to visit our MISI Library liaison and access the library databases ( see Library module)

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