Literature review

Hi there,

I am studying. MSC in CyberSecurity, this assignment requires two items:
– A literature review outline by Friday and
– The full literature review in either of these two topics by the 21st of October: (please tell me which one you would be most interested and comfortable)

– Implementing Cyber Security tools and/or techniques in the reduction of cyberbullying


– What is the gender pay gap in the technology sector in the UK or US

The Word count is 2,000 words

Assignment Brief
The literature review fulfils the learning outcomes where you will critically evaluate existing literature, research design and methodology for your chosen topic and so produce a literature review on this topic (above).

Key aims of the literature review

– To provide an overview of current knowledge on the chosen topic. (Knowledge and Understanding weighted at 30%)
– To demonstrate an awareness of relevant, current literature. (Use of Relevant sources weighted at 20%)

– To highlight similar and contrasting views on your chosen topic. (Criticality weighted at 30%)

– To showcase your research and writing skills. (Structure and Presentation weighted at 10%, Academic Integrity weighted at 10%)

Learning Outcomes

Appraise the principles of academic investigation, applying them to a research topic in the applicable computing field. Evaluate critically existing literature, research design and methodology for the chosen topic, including data analysis processes.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this, I look forward to working with you.

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