literary analysis

For this paper, you will choose a short story and analyze it. Essentially, you will find a piece that speaks to you in some way (in any way), figure out why it does that, and connect it to our (or your) worlds. In other words, you will take apart the story to see how it builds the takeaway you have, and then contextualize it within a larger social context.What does this mean?1) You need to locate a story that engages you, positively, negatively, or somewhere in between.2) You will need to read that story closely, identifying the major elements of fiction and your connection to it.3) You will need to analyze your own connection to it and identify the elements of fiction that build that connection.4) You will need to write a paper that argues for that connection mattering, using evidence from the story as well as observational evidence to support that connection.To keep in mind:This is an analytical paper. While your personal experience and observations are encouraged, you need to foreground the interpretations you assert. In other words, you need to use two kinds of evidence in conversation with each other to support your claims about significance, connection, and interpretation. That means you will need to limit summary to what the reader reasonably needs to know to understand your analysis. It also means that you need to ensure you explain your understanding and why the connections you make are true. (I should note — of course the connections you are making are true, or you wouldn’t be making them. But we can’t understand your truth fully in this assignment unless the what, how, and why are explalined in some length)While you aren’t required to use secondary sources for this assignment, it may be helpful to locate one or two that give us some background on the inspiration for the piece, the background of the author (particularly relevant for authors who are not as well-known or are part of the larger African diaspora but are not as well-integrated into our literary or cultural knowledge), or even historical and social context for the story itself. –Some of the historical or social context will be pretty well-known in our community, as we’ll see in Toni Cade Bambera’s piece. Even so, it’s useful to rely on additional sources for particular details and common knowledge for broad strokes. Wikipedia is a useful starting place. For me, you can even site the Wikipedia article (just probably not in other classes)Length: 4.5 to 5 pages. The PDF’s are the writing pieces im trying to make a connection to.I’m an 18 year old male who attends morehouse college(HBCU). If you need more info of me when connecting me to a writing piece my number is 3105914611 feel free to text me anytime.

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