Life Span Development Midterm

– Please explain each crisis in each of Erikson’s first 3 stages of development (Trust vs Trust, Autonomy vs Doubt, Initiative vs Guilt). Give examples. Tell me in your own words. Do not rewrite what is already written.

– Explain the differences between Piaget’s Sensorimotor Stage and Preoperational Stage. Give examples.

– What potential life challenges would a child whose mother abused alcohol face? Why should women know this information?

– A child’s temperament is largely inborn. The New York Longitudinal Study shows three patterns. Explain each pattern and explain how “goodness of fit” helps a child deal with environmental demands and constraints.

– Compare the 3 different forms of discipline with the 3 different styles of parenting. Which type of parenting works best for a child? Explain.

– What is more important, the family atmosphere or the family structure< Explain. Give examples.

Please answer every question exactly as follows (missing info will result in penalities) using the book and knowledge. Clear and Concise!!!!

No sources are required. 

Please answer questions in your OWN WORDS!!!!

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