Life, Death and Se7en

Focus on three to four aspects of the fild “Se7en” (Theme of religion, the seven deadly sins and how the characters represent them, the number 7 and how it relates to the christian bible, and coruptions vs power.)DO NOT SUMMARIZE PLEASEmust include quotes from movieFrom Teacher “Your goal is to demonstrate a familiarity with a film and to show that you understand its relevance to topics covered in English 3209. You will be writing several paragraphs developing a single aspect of a film, using examples from your notes. The thrust of your screening report should be descriptive. You want to show how the assigned film is relevant to a particular issue in the course. By drawing on clear examples from your notes, from the film itself, and from outside sources, your report should show not only that you’ve watched the film with understanding but that you are actively engaged with the broader issues circulating in class.   Key Questions for a Screening Report: 1) Have you shown how the film is relevant to issues explored in the course? 2) Have you displayed a familiarity with the whole film? 3) Have you confined yourself to about three or four aspects of the film, each developed in a paragraph or two? 4) Have you drawn concrete examples from the film—shots, lines of dialogue, elements of plot or characterization—supporting the aspects you’ve selected? 5) Have you proofread your document, checking spelling (especially of names) and grammar, eliminating redundancy and trite language?”Sources: Bible, the movie Se7en, artwork of the seven deadly sins if you’d likeagain, please do not summarize the movie. Thank you so much!

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