Letter of Interest to be graduation spokesperson

I would like a paper written to apply to be a graduation speaker. The paper must answer these three questions

1. In what ways have you used and developed the attributes of the Profile of a Graduate and how will they be useful in your future endeavors.

[Attributes of the profile of a graduate include an effective communicator, a critical thinker, a compassionate citizen, a collaborative team member, and a life-long learner]

2. In what ways do you think your experience in Fort Bend ISD is both similar to and different from other students?

3. What about you makes you a good representative of your class?

Information about me:

I am the current senior social media manager. I am also the MC for any school sponsored pep rallies. I have contributed to the school with my senior instagram page which has been a huge hit. I have led our student section through many football games and worked to bring school spirit to an all time high following the detriments of COVID on social life. In the essay i would like to talk about how much social media has impacted school spirit and the overall high school experience. I am a member of several clubs all of which are listed in my resume. I am a first generation moroccans immigrant. I attended private school until the 7th grade where I transferred to First Colony Middle School in Fort Bend ISD. I then attended Lawrence E. Elkins High School for 4 years where I am now graduating. I am Texas born and raised with democratic views and I am a feminist. I am ambitious and in pursuit of a medical degree to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. I would like the essay to have sophisticated language and for it to be based off some sort of metaphor. Our school is called the “Castle” and our mascot is a Knight.

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