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What Health Policy Issue are You Concerned About? 

 This assignment requires the student to initially do some thinking about a current health care problem, issue or topic that is interesting or concerning. Your interest or concern must be about a health-related problem that can be addressed by government. This may be the same problem you submitted for the lesson #2 discussion board and/or the congressional testimony presentation. 

 Use the following format and components in completing the assignment: 

 Steps to Determining the Health Policy Solution to Your Problem. 

 1. 1. Identify a health care issue and describe why this issue is of concern and/or interest to you. Include evidence that supports the need for this issue to become a public policy (not an action by the healthcare industry). 


 2. 2. Determine what kind of public policy your healthcare issue needs. From the textbook and what you learned from the Week 2 on-line lecture, identify whether the policy should be a distributive or regulatory policy, and why. Apply what you have learned in the class and produce a strategy for realizing your desire to have government address your health problem or concern. Your strategy will include the following: Whether (and why) the policy solution you desire is one that is best suited to: a. Be addressed by the federal, state, or local government. If you choose a state or local government, it must be a specific state or local (county or city) government. b. Originate in the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of government, c. Be a new or modified action by government (Length of (2): 2 pages) 

 3. 3. How you plan to accomplish your desire to have government address your problem. This includes: a. Identification of which individuals or organizations NOT PART OF GOVERNMENT you will work with to get your issue/concern on the political agenda of policy makers in government. b. Determination of how best to advocate/lobby for your issue to government policymakers, including to whom in government you will be targeting your lobbying efforts, and how you plan to get their attention and support. (Length of (3): 2-3 pages) 

 4. 4. Draft a Proposed Policy that outlines your problem and what government should do. Which type of public policy you choose (law, regulation, ordinance, etc.) will be based on how you answer. 

 Use the following templates for a: • Law (Statute) or Ordinance: Use the “Bill Template” at: https://www.speechanddebate.org/legislation-templates/ • • Regulation: https://www.epa.gov/web-policies-and-procedures/web-standard-regulatory-template#template 

• (Length of C(3): 2 -3 pages) 

 The paper should total 9-10 pages double-spaced (not including title page and references) with 1” margins, 11pt font. Please contact me if you need help identifying some current health care issue that requires a government solution. I will provide you some guidance as to whether the health policy solution is one involving: 1. federal, state, or local government; 2. the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of government; and 3. a policy that represents a new or modified action by government.    

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