Learning Process: Teaching the way student really learn (Discussion Post)

Discuss, with evidence, the way in which the brain works and how it can be affected by some external and internal factors. Considering the classroom and the teaching-learning process. Use this reference:Jensen, E., & McConchie, L. (2020). Brain based learning: teaching the ways students really learn (Third ed., pp. 9-40). Sage.Before you complete this activity, you should have read the three chapters for this module and have a basic understanding of the three types of research (experimental, correlational, and survey). Armed with that knowledge and understanding, apply each type to your own professional work or research context. Determine whether any of the three might be appropriate, and if so, select the best one. If none, then think about the reasons why.Create a 2-3 minute video explaining your choice, your conclusions, and your metacognitive processes. Note: Please write in a different document what must be explain in the video to be recorded. Thanks

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