Instructions:Read the following article in preparation for the critique you will be writing:Title: The 10 Effective Qualities of a Team Leaderhttp://smallbusiness.chron.com/10-effective-qualities-team-leader-23281.htmlOnce you have read this article, write a 2–3 page critique of your boss using the ten qualities of an effective team leader. This should be a minimum of two full pages for full credit. Number and put each of the qualities in bold, then discuss each one. For example:1. Communication2. Organization3. Confidence…and so on.If you are the boss, write a self-critique. You have the option of creating a PowerPoint,Prezi, or photo essay/slide show. However, all presentations must include a written description (of .ppt slides and/or photos) and a bibliography/references. If you put the written explanations within the PowerPoint, that will be good enough, or you can choose to write a separate paper–both are acceptable.

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