Leadership and Globalization




Leadership and Globalization

Education is changing on an international scale. Amid change, leadership is required 

in all educational roles.

In a 4-page paper (not including the title and references pages), describe 

your leadership style and relate it to teaching and learning in a globalized society. Follow the steps below to create your final product. **(You can use Transformational 

Leadership as my style of leadership style).

Step 1. Summarize
Summarize and describe your reactions to the reading materials presented in this 

module related to leadership, teaching and learning, and globalization. Feel free to 

include information from other relevant, scholarly articles and/or credible reports.

Step 2. Address
Address the question: What is your own leadership style as a professional? How does 

your style relate to a globalized perspective of modern education?

Step 3. Develop
Develop a visual (chart, table, etc.) that displays the characteristics, responsibilities, 

challenges, and opportunities of global leaders/teachers according to your own understandings and the material presented in this module. Insert the visual in your paper.

Step 4. Relate
Relate how you can use your leadership strengths to facilitate teaching and learning in a globalized educational environment.

Step 5. Cite
Use APA 7 format for in-text citations and references. Reference at least five scholarly 


**I have attached the readings from the module and feel free to use other articles you 

may find related to the topic.

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