Leadership and Conflict Management


In Wk 2, you proposed how you would build your own team. Now, your newly formed team is starting to work on its first real project that needs to have strong collaboration and a quick turnaround. However, your team has encountered the following challenges: One team member does not agree with the goal and keeps questioning the processes. Two team members are having a personal conflict, and this is preventing them from collaborating on the project. One team member is not engaged. Review the Conflict Resolution Scenario to learn more about the conflict on your team, and explore options for resolving these conflicts prior to completing this assignment. Create a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, reflecting on your experience completing the Conflict Resolution Scenario. Remember to add speaker notes to support your main points. Speaker notes should be a minimum of 50 to 150 words per slide. Answer the following questions in your presentation: What were your choices for managing conflict on your team? What conflict resolution strategies did you employ to encourage collaboration and build consensus within a team? Are these strategies something you typically employ when confronted with a conflict? Why or why not? How can you keep all employees on your team engaged? Provide examples. Review the Microsoft® PowerPoint® resources to enhance your presentation: Ensure You have installed Microsoft® Office 365 prior to beginning this assignment. View PC- PowerPoint 2013 – View Speaker Notes or PC- PowerPoint – View Speaker Notes for a brief visual demonstration on adding speaker notes to your presentation. You may conduct a search for Microsoft® PowerPoint® tutorials in the Media Library for additional assistance using Microsoft® PowerPoint®. You may add pictures and graphics to enhance your presentation, and you are welcome to change the design layout of the presentation.

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