QUESTION 1:  (a) In your own words, discuss any FIVE major arguments made in Richard Quinney’s (1978) article, “The Ideology of Law: Notes for a Radical Alternative to Legal Oppression.” (35%).  (b) Discuss how EACH of the FIVE arguments you identified on PART A of this question reflects the position of ANY of the theories of law in society (65%).


QUESTION 2:  (a) In your own words, discuss any FIVE major arguments made in Comack’s (1990) article, “Making Sense of Class, Race, Gender and Social Justice.” (35%).  (b) With specific references to arguments raised in Comack’s (1990) article, present any FIVE criticisms of the Consensus Perspective on law (65%). 

INSTRUCTIONS:  Please answer ONE of the questions below. Note that each question has Part A and Part B.  Your paper should not exceed SEVEN pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font).  Students who have accommodations with the Student Accessibility Services; and those with medical and other challenging problems, should discuss requests for extensions with the Course Coordinator, Denis Wall (  Please, if you use any academic source(s) in your paper, you must cite this on both inside the text and the bibliographical page. The preferred method of reference is the APA Referencing Style ( According to the university regulation, all cases of plagiarism must be reported to the Dean’s Office for disciplinary action.  Please answer PARTS A and B of each question SEPARATELY. Use the phrases “PART A” and “PART B” to differentiate between the two parts of the question you choose to answer. If you fail to do this, you will get a ZERO mark for the PART B section of the question.  Please note that for the purpose of this assignment, Internet sources are not permitted, unless they are online academic journals. If you source your arguments from the Internet, you will get a ZERO mark in this assignment.  

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