Labor Relations Week 7

Instructions are attatched. 93739110 hours agoWeek Eight DiscussionThis week, you are each going to create and post an 9-12 slide powerpoint presentation on a specific employment law that you find most interesting or that you want to learn more about. You can choose any of the employment laws that we have discussed or that you have read about during the duration of this course. Here is an outline of what must be included in the final presentation:Description of the labor law you have chosen.State or Federal? If both, describe the differencesDescribe any major legal cases involving this labor lawWhen did this labor law take affect? Was there much resistance?What are the benefits of this labor law? For employees? For employers? Are there any downsides to this labor law? For employees? For employers?What is the penalty for violating this labor law?How does this labor law impact you or your workplace?

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