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Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity: OpenStax Textbook: Chapter 8 Lesson Chamberlain University Library Scenario/Summary The highlight of this week’s lab is confidence intervals and the use of these intervals in the health sciences. There is a short reading that specifically relates confidence intervals to health sciences and then you are asked to demonstrate your knowledge of confidence intervals by applying them in a practical manner. Deliverables The deliverable is a Word document with your answers to the questions posed below based on the article you find. Required Software Microsoft Word Internet access to read articles Prepare To prepare for this lab, watch the video example below and fill out the notes that go with it. To complete the lab, continue to the instructions following the example video under the heading Demonstrate. Download the Week 7 Lab Lecture Notes. Follow along with the Week 7 Lab Video and fill out the Week 7 Lab Lecture Notes as you watch the video. Launch External Tool Demonstrate Steps to Complete the Week 7 Lab Download a copy of the Week 7 Lab Support Notes (These are different from the notes you used in the example above), and your Ten Initial Heights, plus your own Week 5 Data to begin work on your lab. Step 1: Find these articles in the Chamberlain Library. Once you click each link, you will be logged into the Library and then click on “PDF Full Text”. First Article: Confidence Intervals, Part 1 Second Article: Confidence Intervals, Part 2 Step 2: Consider the use of confidence intervals in health sciences with these articles as inspiration and insights. Step 3: Using the data you collected for the Week 5 Lab (heights of 10 different people that you work with plus the 10 heights provided by your instructor), discuss your method of collection for the values that you are using in your study (systematic, convenience, cluster, stratified, simple random). What are some faults with this type of data collection? What other types of data collection could you have used, and how might this have affected your study? Step 4: Now use the Week 6 Spreadsheet to help you with calculations for the following questions/statements. Give a point estimate (mean) for the average height of all people whose heights you gathered. Start by putting the 20 heights you are working with into the blue Data column of the spreadsheet. What is your point estimate, and what does this mean? Lab values in spreadsheet.jpg B. Find a 95% confidence interval for the true mean height of all the people in your study. What is the interval? [see screenshot example below] 95 percent CI.png C. Give a practical interpretation of the interval you just found and explain carefully what the output means. (For example, you might say, “I am 95% confident that the true mean height of all of the people in my company is between 64 inches and 68 inches”). Step 5: Now, change your confidence level to 99% for the same data, and post a screenshot of this table, as well. What is the interval? [see screenshot example below] 99 percent CI.png Step 6: Compare the margins of error from the two screenshots. Would the margin of error be larger or smaller for the 99% CI? Explain your reasoning. Step 7: Save the Week 7 Lab document with your answers and include your name in the title. Step 8: Submit the document. Grading This activity will be graded based on the Week 7 Lab Rubric. Course Outcomes (CO): 8 Due Date: By 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday   

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