Kant’s Foundation of the Metaphysics of Morals Philosophical Essay


Read Kant’s Foundation of the Metaphysics of Morals, which can be found in the Baird Philosophical Classics book. Excavate a single clear argument about the nature of personhood from this this long and difficult text. What is Kant’s thesis, premises (reasons for believing the thesis), and what evidence or definitions does he provide to support the premises. Organize essay to answer the following questions in approximately 750 words: What do you think is the central claim of the text? What premises (reasons for believing the claim) does the text provide to support the claim? Are these premises sufficient for believing the claim? Are these premises necessary for believing the claim? Is any evidence to support these premises? What technical definitions, if any, are stipulated in the text? Based on the above, is the argument provided in the text true? Based on the above, is the argument provided in the text sound? What implications are there if the argument is true? Why? What reasons might someone give for disagreeing with the argument of this text? What premises, evidence, or counter-claims could be used to support the counter-argument? Finish essay by taking a position of your own. What is your claim about the argument made in the text? What are your premises (reasons for believing the thesis is true)? What evidence do you have? Why might someone disagree with you? Why are you unpersuaded. This articulation of your own position should be approximately 250 words in length, and should refer back to the preceding philosophical analysis. Please treat this assignment as one 1000 word essay.

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