Journal Article Critique for Research Design and Statistics

This assignment is meant to allow you to review and demonstrate what you have learned in this course. You will select one article from a selection of articles provided by your instructor and answer the questions regarding the article. This is an exercise in application; you are applying what you have learned to better understand and critically analyze a published research report. If you do not know the answer, look for different resources that can help you figure out the answer. Please provide references for your answers; in other words, where did you look for direction in answering the question? If you are using class texts, you will use the following parenthetical citations: (Heppner et al., 2016) and (Gravetter et al., 2018). You may have to look in other sources for additional information about statistical analyses that were not covered in class. That is fine as long as the source is reputable. You may use multiple sources to answer a single prompt. A total of 100 points is possible. 

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