Identify the Source: Ryan P. Mulligan (2022, Sep 24). Fiona hits Atlantic Canada: Climate change means the region will see more frequent storms, the conversation. Retrieved September 24, 2022, from:

Identify the Issue: Restate the issue concisely in your own words in one sentence. Remember that the issue is written in question format. The question must yield a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ conclusion, so use a question word in the issue question that is appropriate – How to properly formulate your issue question. 

 Identify the Conclusion: State the conclusion the author/article has arrived at with regard to the issue (one sentence). You may need to slightly adjust the conclusion so that the wording is the same as your issue question. Again refer to see how the conclusion must align with the issue question.

 Identify the Premises/Reasons: List the reasons the author gives to support that conclusion (The reasons should be organized into a bullet list, but each reason should be written in your own wording in sentence format – do not copy text directly from the article).  

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