job Characteristics Model Essay

INDIVIDUAL Assignment #3 – Job Characteristics Model Essay (DUE 10/14/22 @ 11:59 pm, 100 pts)

 Submit a 300-400 word essay, double spaced describing a job you or a family member has by explaining: 

 1) the degree that the job has each of the core job dimensions in the job characteristics model (p. 255, Chapter 8)

 2) how the core job dimensions of that job influence psychological states and personal/work outcomes.

NOTE: Here are a few words on Task Identity (part of the Job Characteristics Model) to ensure your understanding of that concept: 

 Task Identity is about you being involved in a project from its start until it is finished OR being engaged with customers from the time they enter the store until they leave. 

Task Identity is NOT about making sure activities start and finish in a timely manner. Task identity also should NOT be mistaken for understanding what the task is. 

The reason why task identity contributes to you feeling a sense of meaningfulness on the job is that you see how you have made a difference (often through seeing a visible outcome, like a satisfied customer, a completed project, or a painted fence). 

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