The IT security job market is booming along with types of security threats– but that doesn’t mean everyone is automatically getting a job, or the right job. And just like the threat landscape is rapidly evolving, so are the qualifications and qualities needed for positions in the security profession. Read the attached Security article by Dr. Matt Bishop, as well as this online article: 

Answer the following questions in a 2-3 page essay: • Why is IT security critical for a company? Do you think this is an area that is going to grow or shrink over the next decade?

 • List the five hot skills and rank them in order of importance for an online business. Be sure to include the justification for your ranking.

 • How do the security characteristics in the Bishop paper align to each hot security skill? • 

Of the five hot skills which one interests you the most? What can you do to ensure you have the skills to get the job you want?

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