Issues of Interoperability and Data Sharing Discussion

Discussion 2: Future Research Throughout this program you have been encouraged to consider your role as a scholar-practitioner and consider possible opportunities to engage in future research. As you complete this course, think about issues or topics that have appealed to you and what gaps might exist in the current literature on those issues. What particular areas might you be interested in pursuing for a possible dissertation topic? How might you make an impact in the field? To prepare for this Discussion, consider various public health issues related to disease surveillance or health informatics about which you may wish to conduct further research. Think about how you might utilize the information you gained in this course and apply it to your dissertation research. Using the Walden Library, search for topical areas of interest that might be most appropriate for the issue you selected. By Day 4 Post a brief description of a current public health disease surveillance or health informatics issue about which you might be interested in conducting further research for a possible dissertation topic. Then explain why that issue interests you. Finally, describe two ways the information you gathered in this course can be applied to your future dissertation research or your role as a scholar-practitioner. Be specific and use examples to illustrate your points. Support your suggestions with additional scholarly resources. Use APA formatting for your discussion and to cite your resources.   500 WORDS  4 REFERENCES APA 6 CITATION

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