Is it permissible to use violence against an unjust political regime?


This task requires students to construct a traditional written disputation on a topic. As such, the disputation must contain: 1. Objections to answering in the affirmative to the question; 2. An “On the Contrary” that states the strongest argument in the affirmative to the question; 3. An “I answer that…” argument that integrates both the objections and “On the Contrary” and at the same time reflects the students own argument in response to the question 4. “Replies to the Objections” in which both the partial truths of the objections are identified, and an argument provided as to why the objections are dealt with in the “I answer that” Disputation Questions: Will be provided to students on Blackboard Description of marking criteria: • The use of research to serve as premises in the various parts of the disputation • The logical form of the disputation • The creativity and originality with which the student puts forward their argument in the “I answer that” • The demonstrated ability to both charitably communicate the truth of philosophical arguments and the capacity to use conceptual analysis to refute and\or reply to objections 

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TURNITIN copy has to be attached

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referencing style- The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago) 17th edition – Notes and bibliography version for footnoting style

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