iPhone vs Android


Essay 2 Requirements Essay 2 is a compare/contrast essay that incorporates research. You will choose between two structural models to organize your essay. Both of these models are extensions of the 5-paragraph model you used for essay 2. Here are the requirements for essay 2: • 1000-1300 words (including your title page and references page) • You must include an APA 7 references page and title page • You must use two EBSCOhost database sources. • No direct quotes should exceed 40 words long in length. • You must use one of the two structural models • Double-spaced file • Normal margins • Use proper academic tone and point of view • Use standard English sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and mechanics No Wikipedia or other user-generated web sources may be used. Suggested Topics • One Restaurant vs Another Restaurant • One Store vs Another Store • Online Learning vs Face-to-Face Learning • Traditional Healthcare vs Nontraditional Healthcare • Windows vs Mac • iPhone vs Android • Organic vs Conventional Food • One Sport vs Another Sport • One Film/Book Series vs Another Film/Book Series 

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Uber vs Door Dash

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