intuititive website evaluation.

Once you have selected a website and have spent some time exploring it, write a basic evaluation that addresses the following points: What is the name and URL of the site?What is the name of the organization that maintains it?What kind of organization is it?What are the goals or mission of this organization? For a non-profit organization, you can often find this information in an “About Us” section. For a business website, you may have to deduce this for yourself. For example, if the site offers antique door hardware for sale, the mission of the organization could be described simply as “selling antique door hardware.”What kind of content is on the site? Along with text, are there photos, videos, interactive or static informational graphics or other types of content?How would you describe the tone of written content on the site? For example, would you characterize it as authoritative, friendly, engaging, or instructional? Is this tone used consistently in all areas of the site?Is the content well-organized? This does not refer to the physical location of navigation icons, buttons or links. Instead, look at how information is categorized and organized. Are sections of the website appropriately titled? Are individual documents, articles, and other resources located where you would expect them to be?Are site visitors allowed to make comments or add their own content to the site?Overall, do you think the content and organization of the website is consistent with the type of organization that created it? How effective do you think it is in helping the organization advance its mission? Explain.

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