Introduction to Sociology problems


There are three problems and each problem requires one page of double spacing. if you need more pages please let me know, I will add fund. You can’t cite any outside resources besides the pages in the book, but of course, you can search online for a related topic just don’t cite. I will attach all pages that required from the problems.

1. Define globalization and discuss how transnational corporations, international trade, and sweatshops play roles in the global economy. Discuss how the three perspectives analyze outsourcing (pg. 332) and give examples to support your discussion. Even in the U.S., some programs could be considered socialist; discuss two types of programs (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, social security, unemployment payments, the recent checks sent out to people during the last year, etc.) and explain whether you support or oppose them. Are there any that you think should be eliminated? Why or why not? (Chapter 11) 

 2. Discuss in detail the three theories of population change (see pgs. 428-30) and explain which one of these theories you think best describes the current situation in the U.S. and globally. Explain at least three of the environmental problems (pgs. 439-44) discussed in the textbook and discuss potential solutions for each of these problems. When you think about the future (and that of children you might have), do you feel a sense of hope or anxiety about how well humans will deal with the climate crisis? Explain your answer. (Chapter 15) 

 3. Explain the four perspectives on marriage and family. (Be sure to give details and examples to support your statements.) Discuss the four relationship trends in the text (see pgs. 346-49). Analyze the extent to which gender and sexuality influence the division of labor in families (see pgs. 353-56). Read the information in the box on page 358. Consider that CRISPR technology enables gene editing. Some people are concerned that in future years, expectant parents will be able to create “designer babies.” Should this be allowed if you can afford this type of gene editing, or will this only benefit the wealthy? Are there ethical or moral issues with this type of practice? (Chapter 12)

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