Introduction to academic skills and professional development

For task 1 

Create a DESCRIPTIVE annotated bibliography which presents FIVE (5) pieces of academic research related to the chosen topic, each entry should use the following format: 

Reference in Harvard format 

Intended audience Main content and arguments presented in the work. 

The research methods employed (if used)

Your annotated bibliography will therefore consist of the following: 

Entry 1 – presented using the format above

Entry 2 – presented using the format above 

Entry 3 – presented using the format above 

Entry 4 – presented using the format above

 Entry 5 – presented using the format above 

Each entry should be a maximum of 120 words, with an overall word count of 600 words.

For each entry, you have to use one book, one article and one website.

The book, article and website have to be different on each entry.

For task 2

Look for an advert that provides a good level of detail about the role and the requirements in terms of technical and ‘soft’ skills. 

Having looked at the advert, reflect on your alignment with the skills required, in one of the following formats (1200 words or equivalent). 

This format should be agreed with your academic prior to submission. 

A Word document – you must add an Appendix with a copy of the advert text 

You should use Gibbs model of reflection to structure your submission, making reference to the relevant parts of the Gibbs model and/or stating clearly which aspects of the model are being discussed. 

The submission will be marked according to the criteria at the end of this assignment brief. 

In terms of the criteria for technical quality, this is in relation to the quality and professionalism of the submission regardless of the format chosen. 

Referencing Guidance You MUST underpin your analysis and evaluation of the key issues with appropriate and wide ranging academic research and ensure this is referenced using the AU Harvard system(s). 

 You have to use at least 2 books, 2 articles and 2 websites

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