Human resource specialists routinely develop presentations for various groups in an organization. It is crucial to create a presentation that resonates with the identified audience. In other words, effective communication means using language and terms that the audience understands and providing visuals that convey meaning at a glance. The challenge in this assessment is to use a PowerPoint presentation to explain a total rewards strategy for CapraTek. Focus on how to communicate an effective strategic approach to management.


The goals for an effective total rewards programs are often the same for a global organization. These include enhancing employee motivation, productivity, and engagement.

Your manager, now officially your mentor, has arranged for you to give a PowerPoint presentation of your comprehensive reward plan to CapraTek upper management. Successful completion of this assignment will put you on the promotional fast track.


CapraTek is a virtual technology company. The assessment is based on the CapraTek scenarios.

CapraTek Key Issues and Analysis.

This simulation walks you through how to identify key issues that will affect a strategic compensation plan and how to analyze the basic organizational information necessary to make decisions and recommendations about a strategic compensation plan.

CapraTek: Job Structures and Compensation.

Examine the strategic and tactical decisions that need to be considered as well as the various contextual influences.

CapraTek: Strategic Pay Structures.

Determine the elements needed for a strategic pay structure.

Assessment Instructions

Integrate your job analysis and classification, pay structures, and benefits proposals from previous assessments into a comprehensive compensation structure, and prepare a PowerPoint presentation of a comprehensive reward plan for CapraTek upper management. Refer to the resources for guidance on how to use the PowerPoint presentation software.

Refer to Effective Presentations in this assessment to help you develop a more effective PowerPoint presentation.

Structure your 10–12 slide presentation by the sections below:


Evaluate compensation and benefits components in your plan.

Articulate the overall strategy.

Identify legally required benefits in your plan.

Identify discretionary benefits.

Argue whether this is a good return on investment.


Outline specific tactical steps.


Create a visual representation of strategic pay structures. This could be a table, chart, or diagram.

Create a visual representation of a strategic benefits structure and propose a timeline for implementation.

Justify the alignment of external and internal pay structures.

A strategic pay structure.

A strategic benefits structure.


Evaluate the effect of rewards plans on workforce behavior of employees and executives.

Cite evidence that the plan is internally consistent and externally competitive.

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