intro to human services


Points: 100


This course examines the historical, social and political forces that have led to the development of both governmental and non-profit human services systems in contemporary America. The organization and operation of the primary social supports for meeting human service needs; the various models for the delivery of those services; theoretical perspectives; target populations, and the characteristics and skills of a human service professional. Ethical considerations and diversity issues are addressed.


The subject of the research paper shall deal with working with Varied Client Population in the Human Service Field. Choose one of the populations in Chapter 10 of the textbook. 

For this assignment, you will submit your Research Paper, your research must include:

• An introduction to your approved topic.

• Describe any issues that you may encounter and discuss the specifics of working with this population. 

• Evaluate how the issues is being addressed today and whether it is being handled effectively. 

• Explain how you would handle the issues including changes you would make and support your changes. Indicate your thoughts on needed changes, opinions, and ideas you would employ. 

• Conclusion


• Length: at least four (4) pages, 12 pt. font, double spaced, APA formatted (not

including title and reference pages).

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