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Informational Interview & Virtual Class Presentation: Choose a professional occupation that you are interested in. Preferably a public service administration role, to interview them on Culturally Mindful Communication and the difference in the style of communication that was accepted in the 1980’s compared to the 2010’s: Suggested Questions: When speaking with people who are from other countries are you mindful of your body language? Are you concerned about offending them? Are you aware of some of the basic facial expressions, body language and hand gestures that may be considered offensive from various cultures? How do you feel if you have offended someone through your communication style? Do you acknowledge and apologize for the offense? Is it important to you to be culturally mindful when it comes to communication? Or do you feel that it is all nonsense? How has workplace cultures shifted from the 1980’s in comparison to today? Would the language and communication styles from the 1980’s be accepted in today’s workplace? Why or why not? Do you think that people today or overly sensitive when it comes to how we communicate and what is and is not considered acceptable? How has the older generation of employees handle the change in cultural shifts of communication? Is it difficult for the generations to blend and work together? Is there a significant difference of opinion on what should be acceptable cultural communication? How is this implemented?

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