Interview & Program Report

• Use 12 pt. Times New Roman, Ariel or Calibri, double-spaced and one-inch margins. 

• Include the following headings in bold. 

• Number the pages, preferably in the header in the upper right corner after your last name. 

• Limit the paper to 10-12-pages, not including reference list and appendix  

1.) Cover Page (Running Head, title, student name, course name/number (PRM/NLM 310) page numbers and date)  

2.) Introduction (1~2 pages): A. Identify the person you interviewed and brief details of the organization: Volunteer Coordinator Name, Title, Email, Organization Name, Address, and Website. B. Explain why you selected this individual and organization. C. Describe the positions and responsibilities of everyone involved in the volunteer program including all the roles of the volunteers.

3.) Interview Summary (4~6 pages): Summarize the knowledge you gained from the interview. Highlight each specific volunteer management practice we have covered in this class (e.g., p. 21 of your course textbook). To earn full credit with this section, you must explain how the information you gained was tied to the information learned in the course. Cite textbook material or related literature. Demonstrate critical thinking and evaluate the interview responses. “It was interesting to learn that the organization has had incidents when a volunteer has motivations that do not match the needs of the organization. Jane Doe gave me an example when she told me a story….” Use this section to summarize detail that is not necessarily documented in the program report.

4.) Analysis & Suggestions (1~2 pages): Based on your interview summary and knowledge learned in the course, provide your suggestions in detail for improvement in the organization’s volunteer management practice. Cite textbook material or related literature. For example, if you cannot find appropriate volunteer interviewing & matching process in the organization, as suggestions, you would be able to develop a specific volunteer interviewing & matching process for the organization, such as when, where, and how to interview potential volunteers and possible interview questions.

5.) Volunteer Program Report (2~4 pages): Step #1 (need to be included in the appendix): Complete the program report survey (Go to the Google Doc link on Canvas) found under the Interview tab to help you outline the data you will need for the volunteer program report. To gain access, students must be signed into the email. Sign out of all other accounts, such as Gmail. At the end of the form, click “send me a copy of my responses.” Include a copy of the responses to the report in the appendix. Step #2: Complete a volunteer program report and include within the body of the paper or develop a separate document. Sample volunteer reports are available on Canvas. The intent is to creatively and effectively communicate the value of the volunteer program. The report needs to include the following content in addition to the use of narrative, pictures, graphs or tables, quotes. You may develop an infographic by going to / or

A. Volunteer Coordinator Highlight – introduce the leader of the program. Emphasize his/her accomplishments and goals for the program. Include a photo/screenshot. 

B. “Thank You” section – recognize volunteer contributions. Be specific here. Use your knowledge of volunteer recognition strategies. Anecdotal stories, quotes, and photos are meaningful in this section. This section may also include graphs and charts about the characteristics of volunteers: the number of volunteers serving in each position, age of volunteers, etc. It is important to highlight what makes them unique (Example: a large and effective youth volunteer program!) 

C. Community Impact – How have the volunteers contributed to the mission and organizational goals? How has the volunteer program contributed to volunteer development? (have volunteers been employed? Do community service volunteers meet their requirements?) Anecdotal stories and photos are good in this section. (How many people were fed as a result of volunteers packing food boxes?) 

D. Human resource measure – Report a total number of volunteers, hours of volunteers, the value of those hours using the Independent Sector’s value of volunteer time. Refer to the Measuring and Reporting Value of Volunteers PowerPoint. (Be transparent with all calculations). 

E. Future Strategies/Goals – What strategies need to be taken to build on volunteer engagement with this organization? How can volunteer service be promoted? How can resources in the community be leveraged? What can be done to strengthen the volunteer program infrastructure?  

 6. Appendix: 

 A. Interview Questions and Responses: Include your typed list of questions and responses to each question. It is acceptable to submit a typed list of your questions, abbreviated responses, and an mp3 file if you record the interview. The assignment link allows for multiple documents to be uploaded, therefore individual files can be submitted for this section. 

 B. Program report survey generated from the Google Doc.7. References: 

 • List all the resources you use to complete this assignment in a reference list. • Use APA 7 format (if you are unfamiliar with the proper format or have questions, see    

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