interview essay

The attached image is the interview memo, so please follow it to complete the paper.PointShe told me that it is important to endure life advice because even if you are not good at it, you will definitely learn it.Unit 2 Assignment SheetNow that you have read and examined a legacy story, Essay #2 gives you the opportunity to write one! You will interview someone: a family member, a friend, or someone you wish to write about. Essay #2 will be a legacy story– a story telling about someone you interview. No format as far as MLA or APA goes, and you are aiming for a good number of paragraphs (eight or more). You can basically mimic a legacy story. Think of existing legacy stories as examples for what you can write.Allow your interviewee to guide you where they want to go.You should end the interview (and it will make a great concluding paragraph) by asking what “life advice” the interviewee could share. Keep in mind: it is required that you submit you interview notes along with essay #2. If your interview is recorded you may submit that recording. If your notes are handwritten, you may take photos. Length: At least 3 pages but as long as 5When writing the Essay #2, avoid anything that includes how you did the interview. For example, do not write, “When I asked about . . .” Instead, simply write about the experiences–the interviewee’s words with your summaries and paraphrases.Instead of signal phrases, the word “said” is effective in story-writing.When writing Essay #2, think about an outline for how you want to represent their story. You might wish to begin with your own Essay #1 to see how the “moves” and content make for an interesting story. Maybe the story begins in the midst of a struggle? Maybe the piece of wisdom or nugget is at the end? How can quotes and paraphrases from your interviewee alongside your own exposition create an amazing Legacy Story?Be sure to read through and use the “Interview Resources” and review the accompanying rubric, which is in the “Assignments” area! 

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