Interview Assignment


References should include the following five professional references: your Multicounseling textbook (making sure to compare and contrast the applicable two chapters from the textbook with information obtained from the interview) 

BOOK: Baruth, L.G. & Manning M.L. (2016). Multicultural counseling and psychotherapy: A lifespan approach (6th ed.). New York: Routledge. (white book with multicolor middle of cover)

, two professional journal articles on cultural norms and/or counseling persons from the cultural group, plus one professional book from

 the ECU library (i will send link later). Your paper may contain only one properly formatted quote and may not exceed three sentences. You must do more than simply quote from the book reference.

7 day free trial for class book:

The instrcutions state to write down a name and number, DO NOT worry about that, Professor has taken that off so you can just make up a name. 

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