Interpersonal and Interprofessional Relationships


Using your textbook, the infographic, and the resources provided in the reference list below as a guide, determine which people will be involved in the care for each of the three residents/patients. After you have made your decisions, compose a small care plan for each person. This will involve determining the roles each of the practitioners have in providing care, and assessing who will be involved with each patient. For example, you may determine that Mrs. Smith is in bereavement—who would be involved in getting Mrs. Smith through this?

Patient 1 Mrs. Smith, 65, recently lost her husband. She has diabetes and is unable to walk without a cane. Mrs. Smith has not been leaving her room much except to purchase snacks at the commissary.

      People that will help her: David(bereavement counselor), Peter(register dietician), Dr Shaw(geriatrician), Stephen(physical Therapist), Sandy(social worker)

Patient 2 Mr. Jones, 48, recently left the hospital with a compound fracture to his hip. He is angry that he was not allowed to go straight home and is upset that he needs help with activities of daily living (ADL).

       People that will help: Dr Shaw, Stephen, July (CNA), Reginald( Medication technician), Sandy (social worker)

Patient 3 Mrs. Eccles, 72, has been in the nursing home for many years but has recently started to be forgetful and seems unable to manage tasks that she had been doing by herself.

     People that will help: Dr Shaw, July, Reginald

Cynthia the activities director for the long term care facility brings all patients together 

These are references that can be use for the assignment 


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