Intergenerational trauma & The Havasupai tribe We have to pick a group therapy method to help that population with that issue


This is the second part of Assignment 1.1: Treatment Group Proposal, Part A. 

You should use the same treatment group you selected in Part A to develop this assignment.Using the historically underrepresented population and related issue you selected to research (Havasuapi Native American tribe and intergenerational trauma) you will now design how to address it in a group therapy environment. Your group design proposal needs to be evidenced-based for this population/issue. Your group may be any of the treatment group types identified in the Zastrow text (psychoeducation; symptom management; anger management; life skills; social skills; process; stress management; specialty

). Please note: this is the second part of a two-part assignment.


Part B: Structured Plan for Treatment Group

In approximately 5-6 pages, you will propose a structured plan for a treatment group designed to address some of the issues you have identified. For each of the items below, be sure to provide a rationale (articulate why what you have chosen is the best choice for your issue/population).

Your proposal should include the following elements:


 • A description of the overall purpose of the treatment group. (What is the purpose of this group? Why is it being created? What needs does it seek to address?)

 • A rationale for a group approach to this problem/issue rather than an individual or community response. (What about the group modality is a good fit? How is a group approach the best option?)

Body of Group Proposed Design

 • Describe the objectives of the group. (What are you trying to accomplish?)

 • Describe the type of group (psychoeducation, symptom management, etc.) and why you selected this group type. (What type of group is best fitted to what you are trying to accomplish? What are the strengths and limitations of your chosen approach?)

 • Describe preparation required for the group. Include the length of treatment (time per session and how many sessions), inclusion/exclusion criteria for participation, minimum and maximum number of participants that would be ideal, and what materials you would need to prepare.

 • Describe the group procedures. (How will you achieve the objectives of the group? Describe your theoretical orientation for approaching the group. Provide an outline of the content for a minimum of 4  weeks/sessions and what exercises or activities you will use to facilitate the group.)

 • Please have 3 research journal references that support your design. Each must once be cited in the proposal. Please cite APA style 7th edition. 

Critique and Summary

 • Summarize the strengths and limitations of a group approach, and your specific treatment group type, for this problem/issue.

 • Describe your evaluation methods. (How will you evaluate how well the group accomplished its objectives? Describe a simple and practical means for evaluating the success of the group and the experience of the group participants).

 • A summary of barriers that might be experienced in implementation and how these might be addressed (funding, agency supports, professional expertise, etc.). What would it take to make this group happen?

 • Conclude with a personal reflection of the difficulty you might have implementing this group based on your own experiences and background (social, economic, racial/ethnic, etc.). How will you attempt to deal with these issues?

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