Integrating sustainability into property management

The main thesis of this paper should be about environmentally sustainable management practices relating to property management. You can discuss about a range of issues, from educating operators about the need for environmentally sound management through to public policy debates about the impact of tourism on our world. This is an individual assignment and is designed to allow you to examine the issue of environmentally sound and sustainable management from a perspective you find interesting.


• Select an issue related to environmentally sound and sustainable management in the tourism industry…either directly related to hotels or more widely, to the tourism industry • Make sure there is sufficient information readily available on your chosen topic to support your research and to provide enough substance to allow you write your report consistent with its status as an assessment element in a senior elective cours.

2. the selection of an interesting topic including but not limited to new technologies, company policies and practices, educational programs and other topics with a sustainable focus (not simply a regurgitation of some topic in the text, eg, don’t simply describe what Agenda 21 is); and 3. a discussion which elaborates on the topic (eg, a comparison of policies or practices within industry niches such as comparative hotel company policies relating to sustainability) and doesn’t simply describe your topic.

Sources should be North American references (Canada and US) with links to them attached on the references page.

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