Integrated Evidence-Based Professional Nursing Practice


Summative Research Assignment This is a 3000-word assignment divided into two sections. 

 Section 1 Questions: Students will answer 10 questions on a given published research paper, which is of direct relevance to evidence-based practice. The answers to each of the questions form the foundation on which the student builds the critique for section 2 of the assignment. Each student receives a copy of the paper to be critiqued. Each question should be answered in 200 words. This amounts to 2000 words for Section 1 of the assignment.

The paper to be critiqued is: Eastwood, G.M, O’Connell, B., Gardner, A., and Considine, J. (2009) Patients’ and nurses’ perspectives on oxygen therapy: a qualitative study. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 65 (3) pp.634-641  

I have underlined what I would like you to also add into the answer. 


 • What is the focus and purpose of the published study paper • What is the research aims? 

 • What group of people would find of particular interest. Respiratory and ICU Nurses, Allied health care professionals, device manufacture, Doctors and COPD patients.

• Why would this group of people find this study interesting?


 • What is methodology? (Brief description, please)

 • What is qualitative? Brief description, please) 

• What is the methodology used in the study. Qualitative methodology 

 • Is the methodology used appropriate for the aim of the study? Please state the reason for your answer. 


 • what is the main reason why oxygen is administered to a patient (use literature studies to answer question) 

 • what is hypoxaemia? (Please relate it to the paper) 


• what is the number of participants who took place in the study? 

• How where they recruited to take place into the study? 

• Convience sampling. (Define, reference and relate it please)

 Question 5 (Data collection ) 

• What data collection methods were used and why were they appropriate for the study (Briefly explain your answer.) (They fit the paradigms) 

• (Note that GME is one of the researchers and that it was GME who conducted all the interviews).


 • Are there any ethical issues in this study? (Informed consent, anonymity, confidentiality in qualitative research, unique identifier) 


 • Explain what is meant by an “exploratory descriptive design”. Question.8 (Data analysis) 

• Discuss the method/s used for data analysis. (Audio recording with transcript, Pick out common themes and data coding) 

• Is this appropriate to the study? Briefly explain your answer. 


 • Discuss how the data findings are presented? • Are the data findings clear. 

 Question 10 

 • Do the research findings relate well to the title, and to the stated aim/s of the study? 

 • Briefly explain your answer in relation to validity and reliability, two key components of research studies.   

Intext references, please, no older than 10 years old. The UK references only. 

 references (not those cited by the research author/s in the given paper) support the points they wish to make in sections 1 and 2 of the assignment. 

 Section 2. Write 1,000 words giving an overall professional judgement and critique of this evidence-based paper. Remember that evidence based-practice stems from research. Section 2 has a 1000-word allowance. The student is required to give an overall professional critique of the paper. The student is required to comment on the research study’s chosen methodology, and whether the intended research aim/s of the study have been met. The student is asked to consider whether a future similar study could be designed and conducted using the same research paradigm, or whether a different paradigm could be used, and if so to explain why. The student is required to complete the assignment by stating how the knowledge gained on the evidence-based practice will be used in the nursing student journey, and how it will then be applied as a nursing registrant. 

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