– Write the sections separately

– Label each section as you answer it: Q. 1, Q. 2, Q. 3. There are 3 short questions to address.

– You might want to write up each question with those two bullets to make your answer clear.

– Pull in any ideas from the course material

– Total words: 450 words or more (if you exceed the length this that is fine!)

Q. 1 Project Reflections

– Tell me about your final reflections concerning the project. Was it a valuable experience? a transformative experience?

– What personal insights did you garner from this assignment?

(one pargraph)

Q. 2: Specific Favorites from Part 2

– Now having completed Part 2 on Ethics which topic did you enjoy learning about the most and why from Part 2 of this course (lessons 7-12)? Offer details from the lesson (you are invited to mention favorite films, readings, concept, lesson topic, post topic, philosophical idea and why you enjoyed them). In explaining why discuss the key ideas from this lesson that impacted your thinking the most and may have widened your moral circle. Details and depth from the lesson are important.

– Explain the ideas first

– Why do you value them; offer details

200 words minimum

Q. 3: General Personal Reflections

Next discuss your personal reflections:

– In what ways did your views on life and philosophy possibly changed while taking this class. Explain. Do you see “ethics” in a new light or have a new perspective about the topic of morality? explain. You can pull for any of the topics in lessons 1-12 we covered.

– In any way has your moral circle expanded out? Offer depth and personal insight here.

200 words minimum

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