Identify a specific way to monetize information that takes advantage of your findings from the Module 2 exercise. (Or select a different economic concept if you like.) What kind of information is most relevant to or affected by the economic concept you selected, and why? How would taking advantage of your findings above lead to improved economic benefits for an organization? Specifically, which kinds of businesses (or non-commercial organizations) or business functions would be most affected? How and why? Identify and describe any likely limitations or challenges.

Be creative! E.g. write a memo to a business leader as if you were their strategic consulting firm. Or even create a presentation. Include diagrams, examples, etc.

Your submission should be no longer than 500 words. (Each group elects one and only one representative to make one submission)


Sources should be acknowledged (e.g., Smith & Jones, 2009), particularly if direct quotations are used. Full references are not required for assigned course materials

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